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HCQS Global Sourcing

HCQS is dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing them with one-stop global sourcing solutions. From specific components to final assembled products we provide industry’s most comprehensive product offerings.

HCQS has proven hands-on experience and track of record of solving multiple problems for various customers around the world. Whether you represent an operator, wholesaler, repair business or insurance company, HCQS have you covered.

Our global sourcing team is committed to best-in-class productivity, delivery, quality, and risk mitigation within its supply base. Our focus to provide a connected supply chain and one-stop solution is a key differentiator that provides value and helps our customers solve unique manufacturing challenges. We adhere the highest standards of integrity and focus on our environmental footprint.


Our Suppliers

Each of our supplier partners helps assure our products and services meet the highest standards and expectations of our customer. We work with suppliers who deliver the best quality, technology lead time, and service levels at a competitive cost within the market place. Our suppliers are part of our fully connected supply chain. This connection will allow them to manage multiple types of risk so that we can respond to the specific needs of our customers.


Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is a business imperative and is embedded in our operations.

Our supplier diversity program underscores our commitment to engage with qualified diverse suppliers as we continue to develop innovative power, control, and information solutions globally.




HCQS understands that as supply chains become ever more complex, managing supply chain sourcing, spend and suppliers is a growing challenge. It takes a dynamic, strategic sourcing approach, and a great deal of expertise, to find cost savings.


HCQS Global Sourcing can assist you in bringing your product to the market in many different ways. Whether you have a new product idea or a current product in the market, we can provide a solution to help lower your company’s production costs. We have the experience necessary in the manufacturing, design and delivery of your products.


Benefits you can realize include:

 1    Deliver saving targets by finding and executing on cost savings solution.

 2    Find efficiencies by using advanced, online tools to streamline strategic sourcing

 3    Reduce risk with improved supplier, contract, and spend visibility and compliance.

 4    Drive collaboration with greater transparency and fact – based decision-making.