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Recycle and Refurbish

What are you currently doing with your broken-glass LCD screens? Throwing them right away in garbage where they end up in landfill or holding on to them like a hoarder? You have more choice than that. Trade in the broken-glass LCD screens for something you want and leave the rest to us. We can turn them into something good for you and good for the planet.


HCQS Buy Back Project

HCQS Screen Buy Back project is a portfolio of offerings aimed at helping our customers to optimize the performance of their businesses as well as the key to fulfil our commitment to conserving natural resources and preserving the environment by providing customers with environmentally sustainable solutions.


At present, our Buy Back Project is available for Apple screen assembly, Sony screen and Samsung screen. And we will also cover motherboards and complete units for recycling at competitive rates.

For Apple Screen:

A/B Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with few dead pixels or small backlight problem.

C Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with big dead pixels, big backlight problem, small

(yellow/gray) color marks or be changed glass.

D Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with color dead pixels, big (red/blue) color marks, be

changed flex cable or broken 3D touch cable.

For Sony Screen:

A Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD without any problems

For Samsung Screen:

A Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD without any problems.

B Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with small shadow/marks.

C Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with middle shadow/marks.

D Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with big shadow/marks.

Additionally, we provide the C,D grade Samsung screen price after screen testing.

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HCQS Recycle & Refurbish Edges

You may be done with the LCD screens, but chances are they are still having more to give than expected. If it’s eligible for going to a new owner, we will refurbish them. If not, they will be sent to our recycling partners so that more precious materials can be saved.


Competitive Price!

Updated weekly, all prices quoted are valid for 3 days from the date of stated on the quotation.


Fast Turnaround Time!

Once we receive your broken screen, we test and verify them within 3 business working days.


Detailed Report!

Our detailed testing report ensures transparency, credibility and overall profitability for customers.


Quick Payments!

Enjoy quick payment by bank transfer, PayPal, or voucher code when sell back your broken screens to us.